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Indian civilization began in 2500 BC, starting from the Indus Valley developed, so take the country called India. In additional, India's historic and geographic complex and changing environment, rich in a variety of terrain, climate changing, high population density, India is a federal state and composed from 22 provinces, the highest population density at the Ganges and Asia tactlessness River Yamuna the intersection of two major holy rivers in Uttar Pradesh. Besides, their birth rate is very high, children under the age of 14 accounted for one third of the country's population, which is one of the causes of poverty in India. Government has provided free compulsory education; however, the majority of children of poor families still unable to attend school, the reason are they must help parent’s breadwinners.

Religion and Indian life are inseparable, India is a democratic country, and the India also is the world's few remained intact to maintain strict religious social structure of the country, this country have four thousand years cultural history, whether their homeland is aggression or maiming, and even experienced colonial rule in Europe and political unrest, this country of culture has not changed.

The following paragraphs are going to introduce the religious, languages, norms of society and business culture in India:

2.Religious of India
India has more than 80% of the population is Hindu, in addition to Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism. In India, religion is not only affect people's daily lives, but also regulate the behavior of Indian, ideas, marriage, social networking, and social class status.

India is also known as the "religion of the country," Indian people is not simply focus on the world's main religions, the religious haven't the presence of the "form", and the philosophy already deeply rooted in people life, the death of faith in people's internal domination.

Hindu haven't specific ancestor, Sacred Hindus to organize themselves, and not the form of Mission, said that based on this supreme faith in their daily lives, to comply with the caste system, as the unique etiquette, customs specification, Hindus to liberation from samsara as an ideal, the ascetic, yoga and other methods, the pursuit of this realm.

The influence of religion, the Indians have a traditional view of the life of love and affection, who adhere to the religious teachings really mild, because whether the teachings of God, and Gandhi advocated "non-violent", seems to teach Indians mild face the world. Life rarely seen Indian fights, even if the faces of the curse, not shot.

In India, whether it is urban or rural, factory, or school, from teens, teenage children, to the several-year-old man, they talk to you between, will ask, "What do you believe to teach?" when you answer when you do not believe in any religion, many people, even young students will be surprised, and incredible.

In India, it can be said in every temple, every village has shenchi. In some areas, people on the street passing a temple, and will be stopped, turned and stepped into the temple, raised their hands to hit a few small bronze bell hanging, and then put some money in a container, and then put their hands together, Close your eyes, pray a moment. Then continue on their way, the front Ruozai encounter a temple, and will repeat some.

During the day, at the crossroads of the street the temple or roadside temple, there is always the many believers barefoot cross-legged or sit and listen intently to the priest told them of the various myths.

Since India is a country rife with religious, occupies a very important position of religion in people's lives. In the Indian view, religion is essential that there is no religion, there would be no life, and this thinking is reflected in all aspects of people's lives. Therefore, people believe in religion,...
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