Career Autobiography

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  • Published: March 7, 2011
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Career Autography
Shaji Daniel
University of Houston-Victoria
Career Education Counselors Role
Dr. Mary Natividad
February 13, 2011

Career Autography
Cultural background
I was born and brought up in India also known as Republic of India. India is the largest subcontinent in South Asia which consists of six other countries including Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. My family is oriented by the Indian culture and lifestyle. In India, Kerala (my home State), is the first State to achieve 100% literacy. It is known for its natural beauty and nicknamed as God’s own country. India has a population of 1.18 billion (April 2010 Estimate) and 29 main languages. Life in my birth country (India) is fascinating as people from various different communities, ethnic and language groups, and religious traditions live together in unity. Indian population is polygenetic and is an amazing amalgamation of various races and cultures. The cultural anthropological studies reveal the fact that there are over 4000 ethnic groups and 1635 dialects in India. 41. 03% Indian population speaks Hindi, the national language of India. Indian tradition and culture is demonstrated through the language, food, religious festivals, jewelry, music, dance and sculptures. Being a child of Christian missionary I have had the opportunity to move to different States in India and live in their cultures from my early childhood. My High school education was done in Kerala, my home State and moved to karnataka, another South Indian State, for four years to do my undergraduate program in Cultural studies. After the graduation I moved to Uttar Pradesh, a North Indian state, with the employment. These experiences provided me opportunity to understand the cultural differences within my country. Now I live in Houston. Houston is a city with large number of Asian Indian immigrants. Therefore, we have Indian associations and community groups in Houston to foster the Indian...
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