The Importance of Animal Testing in Medical Research

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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It is believed that using animal in medical research is necessary. It is indeed cruel to regard animals as sacrificial lambs for science development. However, many consider that people's life is more important, testing on animals is the best way to reduce the harm on human so far and it is needed for those patients who need to be helped. Using animals in research is not ethical, but we have to keep doing, it is known through the article Do We Need To Use Animal In Research by Jane McCabe.

Using animals in research is not ethical. Many consider that this kind of behavior does not respect those small animals' lives and ignore the animal rights. It seems like that human is selfness, they do not care about how the animals' feeling and the value of their lives. It is not fair for those animals "Lab animals never have a nice day"pg.86. On the other hand, animal experiment would also be acceptable, cause human's lives are considered more worthy than animals'.

Comparing to those poor animals, it seems like that human's lives are much more important. Jane had asked in this article"If you had to choose between saving a very cute dog or my equally cute, blond daughter, whose life would you choose?"pg.84. No doubt that one would choose little girl's life rather than that dog. This is not a difficult choice.However, just like what Jane said "It is not that I do not love animals, it is just that I love Claire more"pg.84. In the depth of our heart, we do think that ours lives are worthier than any other species. Therefor, some medical researchers test on animals before they use on human.

Testing on animals before trying with human reduces unwanted risks for human. It is necessary to use animals in medical testing. In order to decrease or avoid the harm to human, everytime researchers take antibiotics on animals to make sure whether this medicine is safe or not. For example,"Researchers would first learn to cure the mice with drugs, then cautiously try with...
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