The Case for Ending Invasive Research on Chimpanzees

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Chamaul Bartholomew
Ms. Hession
September 27th, 2012
Essay Assignment 1: “The Case for Ending Invasive Research on Chimpanzees”
While reading this essay a picture has been used to show the readers the connection between chimpanzees and humans on (pg 114). This picture resembles the picture that Michelangelo had drawn in the Sistine Chapel called “The creation of Adam”. The meaning in the Sistine Chapel is not of God giving Adam intelligence but rather God showing that one can lead without necessity to church ( This picture is similar to the picture painted in the Sistine Chapel because God is the superior power which is like humans, and Adam is the chimpanzee. As a Superior power it is our responsibility for us to take care of what happens to the chimps like it would be Gods responsibility to take care of Adam and humanity. This picture is an appropriate choice in the context of the essay because it shows that we should care for the chimpanzees more even if a breakthrough in human health can happen (pg. 114). These chimpanzees that undergo these tests have been known to exhibit physiological symptoms of complex posttraumatic disorder also known as PTSD (pg.115). I think that we as humans shouldn’t be using animals to do research for human health. Animals may not be as superior as humans but they still have a right to free and not locked in a cage in a research lab for the rest of their life’s. Work Cited

The Case for Ending Invasive Research on Chimpanzees by: Andrew Westoll “Michelangelo’s secret message in the Sistine Chapel: A juxtaposition of God and the Human brain” article by: R. Douglas Fields

May 27th, 2010
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