The Impact of Social Networking on Youth

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Report on: The Impact of social networking on Youth Generation Course Title: Business Communication
Course Code: BUS 2112

Prepared For:

Bilkis Sabiha

Prepared By:

Date of Submission: 29-12-2010

Date: 29TH December, 2010


School of Business

Subject: Submission of report on “The Impact of social networking on Youth Generation”.

Honorable Madam,

Please take our greetings. Here is our report on “The Impact of social networking on Youth Generation” as you have assigned us to prepare. Now we are looking forward to your kind appraisal regarding this report. To prepare this report we have followed your lecture & the related documents and references.

We sincerely hope that, you will enjoy going through this report, as we have felt great pleasure to prepare it. If any other information is required for further clarification, we will be pleased to provide you with it. We are grateful to you for giving us such opportunity to prepare this assignment and getting a new experience.

Finally, we would like to thank you for providing us the opportunity to work in such an interesting and enthusiastic report as we have enjoyed as well as learned a lot in working this report.

We hope for your continued direction towards an effective course completion.

Sincerely your’s
On behalf of our Group


As per requirements of the course named Business Communication (BUS 2112), our honorable course instructor, Bilkis Sabiha, Lecturer, School of Business, United International University, assigned us to prepare a report on “The Impact of social networking on Youth Generation”.

Being her fellow students, we express our sincere gratitude to our honorable madam for her guidance, advice and assistance in preparing the report. We are grateful to our madam for her continued support, timely and sophisticated direction and finally endless moral in learning the knowledge through preparing report. This report helped us a lot of understanding about the process of survey analysis to the impact of social networking on our future generation and makes us sophisticated in such arena.

Table of Content




Social networking Sites: an Introduction5

Characteristics of SNS:6

Purpose of using SNS:8

Some Social networking sites:9

Figure: Timeline of the launch dates of many major SNS13


Analysis & Interpretation:15


Negative Issues:21




Executive Summary:

The social networking sites are gaining a lot of popularity these days with almost all of the educated youth using one or the other such site. These have played a crucial role in bridging boundaries and crossing the seas and enabling them to communicate on a common platform. It has become a popular and a potential mean for them to stay friends with the existing ones and to grow up their social circle at least in terms of acquaintances.

The question regarding the safety, privacy and the legal issues have been cropping up all this time. Through this research we try to find out the impact of these networking sites on the youth generation who are using them. It is a very subjective question to answer and is very opinion based and the same is reflected in the research methodology adopted by us.

The report is initiated with the definition of the objective followed with the research methodology used along with the research design, methods used for the purpose of conducting survey. It also incorporates the data collection procedure.

Subsequent to this is the Introduction to the networking sites along with a brief description of the most popular sites. Then the issues of concern which have come up along the way in all these years since these sites gained popularity are discussed. The various issues and concerns of the respondents are also incorporated there. We...
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