The Impact of Overparenting

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  • Published : November 22, 2011
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Thank You Parents

One child grows up to be successful, sociable, easy-going, and leads a completely normal happy life. Then there’s the neighbor, who grows up to be socially awkward, depressed, full of anxiety, lonely and completely miserable throughout his life. Both growing up in the same neighborhood a couple houses apart. What could be the cause for them to lead such different lives? What could have gone wrong? Over-Parenting. This is defined as parents that are too worried about the safety and the outcome of success of their children that they do too much for their child. How can one expect their children to grow up and be independent? If, their whole life they’ve been catered to as if they were a newborn baby. Any child who is the victim of over-parenting is not going to have a positive outcome on their adulthood.

Children growing up in the eighty’s had more freedom and distance from their parents and therefore, grew up to be more independent. Kids grew up on the block, leaving their house every morning after lunch to go out to play down the street at the park with some friends. Additionally, they wouldn’t see or communicate with their parents until the sun was down when they had to go back inside. These kids became independent and learned everything by experience instead of being warned. Today, kids rarely leave their house and their mommy. If they do decide to leave, they have a cell phone in hand that requires a call or text to mom only to report and make sure everything is ok at an exaggerating age of 7. Back then, there were no cell phones or ways of communicating with mom at all times. These kids grow up, go to college and their still talking to their mom every single hour even if its for a small unimportant thing that can wait until later. When they’re put in a tough situation and mom isn’t around to help them, they are not going to be able to cope and figure out a solution on their own because they are not used to it. As psychologist,...
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