The Impact of Ethics and Social Responsibility Issues in E-Commerce

Topics: Ethics, Personal identification number, Marketing Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Objective of study
The first objective of the study is to identify the ethical problems and issues related to e-commerce. The Internet poses fundamental challenges to issues central to society. With the advent of E-Commerce, it brings with it a host of ethical issues surrounding customer privacy. In protecting individual and corporate privacy, it has become a major ethical issue where it has created an entire segment of Internet industry firms whose mission is to help consumers protect sensitive and personal data on the web. The second objective would be to discover the essential requirements in E-Commerce. Where what are the major factors and components needed to have a successful E-Commerce business. This will help to enhance the business towards and advanced status. Followed by the third objective which would be to identify what are the threats in E-Commerce. This will enable people to avoid the threats and spam which has been sent to them by hackers in order to get their personal information for unethical use. Besides that, they can also avoid getting virus attack where it can cause major destruction. The final objective of this study would be, to provide a better understanding on how businesses and consumers can be safe from online threats. This is because the internet has become a tool for online business and hackers can not only attack the business but also the customers. This can disrupt the whole business procedure. False emails will be sent as spam to get private information such as ATM pin number, credit card number and so on. The business should also be aware of insider threats such as data theft.
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