Digital Revolution: A Wicked Problem

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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This essay will discuss the reason why digital revolution can be considered as a wicked problem with respect to the 10 key characteristics of wicked problem, which is listed by professor Horst and Melvin (Camillus 2008). In addition, it will also demonstrate whether digital divide is an opportunity or issue for business. 1. Why is digital revolution a wicked problem

According to professor Horst and Melvin, wicked problem has 10 main factors. In this essay, 3 of those will be discussed. 1.1 There is no definitive formulation of a wicked problem It is rather difficult to define a wicked problem perfectly than an ordinary problem (Camillus 2008). Therefore, it is almost impossible to state digital revolution properly because it is hard to say whether digital revolution has brought benefit or threat to consumers as well as business. For example, E-commerce has made it easier and faster for company advertising. However, it also brings problems concerning trust. 1.2 Wicked problems have no stopping rule

The search for solutions for wicked problems never ends whereas ordinary problems can be solved in a certain way (Camillus 2008). The digital economy raises such concerns as consumers’ security and privacy (OECD ). Therefore, companies have to find solutions to solve these problems. For example, companies can make effort to secure environment for transaction. However, how to provide such a secure environment will be a permanent issue to them, which demonstrates that digital revolution is a wicked problem. 1.3 The existence of a discrepancy representing a wicked problem can be explained in numerous ways The stakeholders involved in a wicked problem are countless, which leads to a variety of ideas about the nature and causes of the problem (Horst and Melvin, 1973). The Internet fraud (OECD ), for example, can be caused differently with regard to different stakeholders. Some stakeholders consist that there are thieves who still personal information...
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