Commerce: Ethics and Social Responsibility

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Jeremy Bentham Pages: 5 (1695 words) Published: May 14, 2013
In order to maintain social order and stability, people create a lot of rules to conduct the people’s behavior. A part of these rules of conduct is included in the scope of the law, which needs the coercive power of the country to protect its implementation. The other part belongs to the moral category, and it needs to rely on self-reflection and intervention of public opinion which can assurance its implementation. The business ethics is a part of commerce responsibility, and it is also a part of moral rules. Commercial activity is one of the most important activities in human society, and whether the commercial activity can run orderly have a tremendous impact on a society. A responsible commerce should fully consider the moral responsibility. Abramov (2007) said that The enterprise is closely related to the profits, in order to establish the basic responsibility of the enterprise, it should strengthen the full range of responsibility and cultivate culture which concentrates on responsibility. This essay will firstly give a brief description on the responsible commerce. Following this, it will discuss on the utilitarianism theory and its relation to the responsible commerce. After that, it will use the utilitarianism theory to analyze a case. Finally, it will give a reflection about the study.

A brief introduction of the responsible commerce
As a part of the social system, the responsibility of commerce attracts more and more attention. This concern not only comes from the theoretical areas, but also comes from the groups related to the enterprise and the stakeholders. How to ensure the implementation of the responsibility of the enterprise, and make it give a greater contribution to the society when it gets benefit from the society are the hot spots. An enterprise is rooted in the society, it is impossible to be an isolated body, and it must have a broad contact with the society, then it is necessary to undertake the corresponding responsibilities. In general, according to Jeremy (1789), the responsibility of commerce should include three aspects: economic responsibility, social responsibility and ethical responsibility. The economic responsibility refers to the economic interests that the enterprise pursuit and want to make the benefits of investors maximize. Through the process of accumulation: investment, profitability, reinvestment and re-profitability, the enterprise will grow and have a healthy development. The social responsibility should include internal and external aspects. The internal aspect refers to establish an effective monitoring mechanism, which is both responsible for the staff, but also responsible for the society. The external aspect includes three elements, first is to provide tax for the government, this is the important social responsibility for the enterprise. The second is to make efforts for the social harmony. It means that the commerce should provide employment opportunities for the community, should protect the ecological environment, and safeguard the interests of shareholders. The third is to provide the quality products and goods to the market. This responsibility relates to people’s lives and health, and also relates to the normal operation of the society. Peter (1981) said that the ethical responsibility is moral responsibility, unlike social responsibility, it is the voluntary acts. The enterprise should undertake these three responsibilities, and play its role for the rapid and stable development of the society and economic.

The utilitarianism theory
The utilitarianism can be said as an ethical theory, which believes that the proper action is the one which can maximize the happiness of all the people. It can be also regarded as a form of the consequentialism, it means that every action has a moral worth, and it is determined only by the outcome of the resulting, people can only know all the consequences of the action, and then can weigh the morality. The core of...
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