The Immortality Pill

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  • Published : July 24, 2005
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Originally when I was posed this question my immediate response was to return the Immortality pill (IP). The reason I initially responded this way, and still remain set on my belief had plenty to do with the factors involved. First, if I were to take the Immortality pill I would already know my horrific demise, such as an accident, war victim, or suicide. Secondly, just as suicide effects not only the person committing the act, but more so the family and friends in that individuals life, yet the same concept is present when making the decision to take this pill. It is just as selfish to put yourself above the values of what is morally important. Thirdly, by taking this pill it would detract from the meaning and purpose of time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it. Lastly, you as the individual that is now immortal would in essence be playing God, by altering destiny itself. In the process, if you're loved ones decided not to purchase and take this pill you would eventually have to witness everyone you care about around you pass on. Although extremely deceiving, there would be many negative effects on human relationships in general. There would be no need for much of the medical industry and plenty of people would lose there careers, hurting the economy tremendously. Socially, this would impact the way people relate to each other, such as "how are you felling today?", and "sorry to hear about your mother who is ill!" I believe as sinful human beings our natural reactions would on average be jealousy, and crime would increase immediately due to the perception of inferiority playing a major factor. Population growth would indefinitely increase dramatically due to the fact that you have taken away the majority of reasons for death presently that exists. War occurs due to an increase in population dramatically in a short period of time, and that is one of the ways you would eventually die. Therefore what you're attempting to...
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