Prolong Life or Prolong Death

Topics: Physician, Patient, Suffering Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Should we prolong life or die with dignity? This question has long been an issue in the united states. Calling for more laws to implicate when a patient should be allowed to denie life saving interventions. When ones faite has been determined and that faite being that, that person will soon die, we should not prolong the death by artificial means. Doctors are taught to save lives and with that mentality, when it comes time to pull the plug, doctor are not willing to do so without feeling that they are giving up on their patients. This in my eyes, is torture. Torture because the patient is being held back from being at peace. Know one wants to live in uncontroled pain and suffering. Id rather my life be over quick and painlessly rather then lay in a hospital bed feeling hopeless and sorry for myself, and see the pitty of others close to me. But unforunatly this is how people are dying. And the number one cause of this, is because in most cases their are no liviving wills in place, no communication between doctors and patients, patients wishes aren't being met when family members are trying hard not to let go, and when doctors give false predictions. I stress the importance of living wills and communication with doctors as to how ones life should end. Whose life is it anyway? Its own own life and we should have a plan in place for how we want to be treated in our dying process.
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