The Hallmark of Business Research

Topics: Scientific method, Philosophy of science, Upgrade Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: February 19, 2011
The problem I have selected is how to minimize the customer complains of different service providing companies. 1.Purposiveness
The main purpose of manager should be to minimize customer complains in order to increase customer value. 2.Regor
Now manager should collect complaints from number of customer and there shouldn’t be biasness of age, gender etc so that the research should be rigorous. 3.Testability
Researcher will develop a hypothesis that “customer complains can be minimized if we improve our service”. Now researcher will test this hypothesis by many ways such improving our service by technology upgrading or as giving customer service at the spot. 4.Replicability

If the technology is continuously upgraded and the customer complaints are getting minimized and results are repeated again and again showing that our research finding is true so the research will be replicable. 5.Precision & Confidence

Our research finding should indicate that the customer complaints are minimized 70 to 80 % everyday so our research will be precise. And we are confident enough to say that customer complaints are minimized up to 95%. 6.Objectivity

If the complains of the customer will actually minimized 70 to 80% actually to our statistical figure then our research will be objective otherwise it will be subjective. 7.Generalizability
If our research findings that is improvement in the service will improve customer complaints are used by any other industry then our research will be more generalized. 8.Parsimony
If the customer complaints are minimized up to 80% by technology upgrade and 70% by giving them service at the spot then the second one is more parsimonious. ============================
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