M3.13 Developing Yourself and Others

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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In order to carry development needs analysis on myself, I made use of customer feedback surveys that include customer complaints and compliments. This technique is representative of the entire customer opinion as KAYA Doncaster is the sole customer for which the team is contracted to. KAYA Doncaster has a procedure to ensure feedback to its service provider through completing surveys, complain or commendation. The survey is based on the performance of my team as a whole, providing the service. This reflects on my people management skills and allocation of tasks.

To assess the developing needs of my team member, Y, I make use of one to one interview technique. This technique allows me to explore employees' opinions, have an in-depth discussion. This technique is useful for understanding opinions and feelings and helpful in exploring a range of views.

To identify any particular learning style for myself or my team member, I made use of the Learning Style questionnaire developed by Honey and Mumford. The learning styles identified by the questionnaire were based upon the work of Kolb.

The outcome of the questionnaire has revealed that I share both pragmatism and reflective learning styles. My pragmatism approach makes me keen on trying out ideas, theories and techniques to see if they work in practice and also I positively search out new ideas and take the first opportunity to experiment with applications. I like to get on with things and act quickly on ideas which I feel more confident. I perceive problems and opportunities as challenges. Occasionally I tend to also take a reflective learning style where it makes me stand back to ponder experiences and observe them from many different perspectives. I like to collect data, both first hand and from others, and prefer to think about it thoroughly before coming to a conclusion.

The outcome of the questionnaire has revealed that my team member...
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