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Topics: Ketchup, Milk, Pareto chart Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Tip Top Markets

Tip Top Markets is a regional chain of supermarket located in the Southeastern United States, Karen Martin, manager of one of the stores, was disturbed by the large number of complaints from customers at her stores, particular on Tuesday, so she obtained complaints records from the store’s customer service desk fro the last eight Tuesdays. These are shown below;

Assume you have been asked to help analyze the data and to make recommendations for improvement. Analyze the data using the checklist, a Pareto diagram, and run charts. Then construct a cause and diagram for the leading category on your Pareto diagram. Based on your analysis, prepare a list of recommendations that will address customer complaints.

June 1| | June 22|
Out of Orange YogurtBread staleCheckout line too longOverchargedDouble chargedOut of tangerinesCharged for items not PurchasedCouldn’t find spongesMeat tasted strangeStore too coldLight out in parking lot| Cashier not friendlyProduce not freshOut of Progresso chicken soupCouldn’t find riceMilk past sell dateStock clerk rudeOut of maple walnut ice creamSomething green in meatDidn’t like musicCheckout line too slow| | Milk past sell dateStore too warmForeign object in meatStore too coldEggs crackedCouldn’t find lardOut of 42 oz, TideFish really badWindows dirty| Couldn’t find oatmealOut of Bounty paper towelsOvercharged on orange juiceLines too long on checkoutCouldn’t find shoe lacesOut of Smucker’s strawberry jamOut of Frosty Flakes cerealOut of Thomas English muffin|

June 8| | June 29|
Fish smelled funnyOut of diet breadDented canOut of hamburger rollsFish not freshOut of bananasMeat tasted badATM ate cardSlippery floorMusic too loud| UnderchargedOut of rosesOut of figsOvercharged on two itemsStore too warmOut of iceTelephone of orderOvercharged Rolls staleBread past sales date | | Checkout line too longOut of Dove...
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