The Green Mile

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Emily Henry
Saber Academy
Language Arts
24 May 2013
The Green Mile Essay
The Green Mile is a book about miracles and belief in the seemingly impossible. Paul Edgecombe, the narrator of the story, is a prison guard at Cold Mountain Correctional Facility working in Block E, death row. This block is nicknamed "The Green Mile" because of the green tiles on the floor - the path that an inmate must walk from his cell to the room where the electric chair awaits. Edgecombe, a decent man, treats each prisoner with respect. Paul and the other guards are riled all through the course of the book by Percy Wetmore, a sadistic guard who enjoys maddening the prisoners. The other guards have to be civil to him despite their loathing of him because he is the nephew of the Governor's wife. When Percy is offered a position at the nearby Briar Ridge psychiatric hospital as a secretary, Paul thinks they are finally rid of him. However, Percy refuses to leave until he is allowed to oversee an execution, so Paul tentatively allows him to run Del's. So, what did happen at Delacroix’s execution, who was accountable, and why?

Percy Wetmore is every man’s nightmare employee. He doesn’t follow directions, most of the time on purpose. He doesn’t treat anyone with respect, even his own boss, and he antagonizes everyone whenever he gets the chance. He thinks that the Green Mile is a terrible place, “Men under strain can snap. Hurt themselves. Hurt others. That's why our job is talking, not yelling. You'll do better to think of this place like an intensive care ward in a hospital.” “I think of it as a bucket of piss to drown rats in. That's all. Anybody doesn't like it can kiss my ass.” Wetmore is cynical and sadistic, but yet a coward. Once, while corrections officer assaulted by a prisoner, he just stood there frozen by fear. All of his attitude and swankiness went right out the window. It has been blessed by the fact that her aunt is married to the governor of the state, allowing him...
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