12 Angry Men

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Ghufran Ul Haque

12 Angry Men
Inductive and Deductive reasoning with short explanation

* Inductive Reasoning:

1. The boy had a motive for the killing, you know, the beating ad all. So if he didn’t do it then who did? Who else had the motive?

Explanation: This is inductive reasoning, in this phrase the 6th juror talk straight to the 8th juror who is in favor of the guilty boy. So the first part indicates the specific state and then he asked that if he didn’t do it, who else has motive? This part indicates that this sentence goes toward the general.

2. Nobody seeks his advice after seventy-five years. That’s a very sad thing, to be nothing. A man like this need to be recognized.

Explanation: this is inductive case. In this the 9th juror explains the old man who lived in the same house as the boy. The first part of the phrase indicates the specific defining of the old man old man and afterwards it goes to the general point.

3. “I’m going to kill you,” and the kid screamed it out at the top of his lungs. Don’t tell me he didn’t mean it. Anybody says a thing like that the way he said it, they mean it.

Explanation: This phrase is spoken by third juror. This is inductive reasoning example. The first part of the phrase speaks of being specific and the secondary speaks of being general.

4. I’m a very excitable perason, y’know. So where does he get off to call me a public avenger and a sadist and everything? Any body in his right mind’d blow his stack, wouldn’t he? Explanation: this sentence is Also an inductive sentence because the first part is specific, related to a person’s nature and its temper and the other part is speaking for himself that its go to a general talk.

5. The woman had marks on her nose- such marks can only be made by glasses. Explanation: this sentence is Also an inductive phrase because the first...
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