The Good and Bad of Tourism

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Tourism revenue in all the world reach US$ 3 billion per day. It is really an impressive number. However, have you wondered that is tourism good for people? In the current surveys, when someone was asked this question, there were two different answers

Some people said yes with this question and gave some examples to protect their opinion. First of all, Tourism was known as non-smoke industry, it holds about 10% of GDP, 11% of export turnover and 9.6% of investment all over the world. According to the reports of World Tourism Organization, tourism is one of the main foreign exchange incomes in many countries; it ranks fourth after fuels, chemicals and automotive products. In Thailand, tourism revenue reached US$ 33.5 billion in 2009. Yearly tourism revenue in Italy reaches about US$ 62 billion. China – the most populous country had the impressive tourism revenue which reached US$ 180 billion in 2009. Japan also earns US$ 10.8 billion from tourism per year. Not only in Vietnam – a developing country, tourism revenue holds 55% of the total foreign exchange incomes, but also in America – a developed country, tourism also brings this country US$ 110 billion per year. The other remarkable thing is that the tourism plays an important role in the development of the underdeveloped and developing country. This was proved in the report quote of the president of World Tourism Organization in 2006: “the amount of money, which the tourists bring for the underdeveloped areas on the world, is slightly more than the humanitarian aids from the Non-governmental organizations”. Besides, when a country has the large number of foreign tourists, not only the image of the country, people, but also economic potentiality in this country will be known clearly in the other countries. There was some businessmen who combined travelling and looking for new business opportunities. It is a good and easy way to find out about lifestyle, hobbies and needs’ inhabitants and social and economic...
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