Analysis of American Tourism Problems and Suggestions

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Analysis of American Tourism problems and Suggestions
This article main focuses on the problem and suggestions of current American tourism. Though analysis the history and current situation of America tourism, the article points out three problems the America tourism exist. Then the article indicates some suggestions to resolve the problems. The America tourism developed from 1790, and stand at the maturity stage now. It has rich tourism resource, such as the park, the museum, the theme park, the internet system, and developed transportation system and so on. However, the result is not the best in the world. Even though the America tourism is mature compare with more countries, it also has some problems because the special country condition. Such as the economy problem, security problem, visa problem and medial tourism problem. The article gives some suggestion aimed at each problem.

“Tourism is the number-one service that we export. And that means jobs.” “More money spent by more tourists means more business can hire more workers.” President Obama announced when he went to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida January 19, 2012. (Laura, 2012). According to the statistic from the government, tourism and travel account is 2.7% of US gross domestic product (GDP) and support 7.5 million jobs. Generated $1.9 trillion in economic impact, with $813 billion spent directly by domestic and international travelers that spurred an additional $1.1 trillion in other industries. It directly generated $124 billion in tax revenue for local, state and federal governments. (ITA Office of Trabel & Tourism Industries, 2012).There is no doubt that tourism industry has huge effect for one country’s economy. Tourism industry is linked with a lot of other industries. For example, the Disney world, it is not just a theme park. It supplies hotel, restaurant, and merchandise too. Those accessories are important parts of Disney revenue. The merchandise industry is linked with manufactory industry, and the manufactory industry is linked with the material industry. This is a long chain and every segment is influenced by and influencing other segments. In addition, the transportation industry is linked with tourism industry in huge degree. Tourism industry belongs to service industry, which always faces the final customers. It can make process effects. So improve the tourism industry to improve the economy is an important way. According to the International Trade Administration (ITA) of the US Department of Commerce, the US welcomed 62 million international visitors in 2011. Those visitors spent more than $ 153 billion throughout the United States, up more than $19 billion from 2010. In adulation, the travel and tourism exports accounted for 25% of US services exports and 7% of all US exports. The US enjoys a $42 billion tourism trade balance surplus. From the statistics, there is no doubt that the international tourists are important to the US tourism industry. The US government has made some efforts to promote the tourism in the past years, and the result is optimistic. In 2011, The American tourism dominant 6.4% share of world travel market and the rank is third in the world, ahead of Spain and France. According to Appendix A, Table 1 and Chart 1, when compare with 2000 years, the world market share was decreased 1.1%. There is still tremendous potential space to developing US tourism industry, especially the international tourism industry. Recognizing the US tourism problems is meaningful. This study based on the earlier studies result and analysis of current situation of US tourism, analyze the international tourism problems of US and put some suggestions to resolve the problems, Background

The US tourism was birthed in the early 1790s in the small upstate New York settlement of Ballston. And has good development after birthed. At 19th century, the...
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