The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield

Topics: Man, Marquee Club, Tell Laura I Love Her Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield

1. What kind of party was it going to be? What flowers were there in the garden? Who was responsible to arrange things for the party? 2. What workmen came to Laura? What place did Laura suggest for the marquee? Why didn’t the workmen agree? 3. What surprised her in a tall fellow? What did she think of workmen? 4. Who telephoned? What was the conversation? What did Laura do when she put back the receiver? Ho did she feel? 5. What did Meg, Jose and Hans do? What was Jose going to do that afternoon? 6. What did Mrs Sheridan ask the children to do?

7. Where did the children find the names on the envelope?
8. What were Godber’s famous for?
9. What story did cook tell the children?
10. What did Jose ask Laura to do?
11. What did the girls argue about? What was the subject of the disagreement? Who was more sympathetic? 12. Whom did Laura tell the dreadful story? How did her mother accept the story to Laura’s astonishment? 13. What did her mother tell Laura? How did she persuade her? 14. Why did Laura change her opinion about the party?

15. Why did Laura tell Laurie about the accident?
16. Was the garden party a success? What did the guests do? Did their father know about the accident? 17. What did Mrs Sheridan offer to do?
18. Who visited that poor woman? What was the atmosphere around? 19. Why did Laura think that it was a mistake to have come?
20. What impressed Laura when she saw a young man? What did she tell the young man? 21. Why did she cry? What couldn’t Laura explain to her brother?

Life of Ma Parker by Katherine Mansfield

1. To whom did Ma Parker come? What is the description of that literary gentleman? 2. Who came to Ma Parker?
3. In what state was the kitchen of that literary gentleman? What was his “system” of housekeeping? 4. Why did Ma Parker have a hard life? Where did she live?
5. What is her story? What happened to her husband? What did she do to bring up those little children? 6. What...
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