Infinite Facts

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Infinite Facts (part 1)
1.      Team Name: (Korean: 인피니트) (English: INFINITE) (Meaning: Well-rounded; have infinite possibilities) 2.      Debut Date: 2010.06.09 (Around 1 year)
3.      Physical: Age: Average - 21 ; Sunggyu - 23 ; Woohyun - 21 ; Hoya - 21 ; Dongwoo - 22 ; Sungyeol - 21 ; L - 20 ; Sungjong 4.      Height: Average - 177.58 ; Sunggyu - 178 ; Woohyun - 176 ; Hoya - 178 ; Dongwoo - 171 ; Sungyeol - 183 ; L - 180 ; Sungjong - 177 5.      Weight: Average - 58.86 ; Sunggyu - 62 ; Woohyun - 58 ; Hoya - 60 ; Dongwoo - 59 ; Sungyeol - 59 ; L - 60 ; Sungjong – 54 6.      These guys almost not debut by INFINITE’s name, but more with names such as Supersonic, I-pop or Blackberry 7. The Members has a rule that is not allowed to check their cell phones to each other.  8. During the trainee period, the members ate the same food every day Hoya said they ate kimchi Jjjigae / Stew full year.  9. Infinite had dance training schedule for an average of 10 hours or more per day, and 18 hours for preparation for the comeback. 10. They bought a very loud alarm clock, but they could not hear it because they are too tired. 11. Because they live and spend time together, they do not even need to look into the eyes of each other to find out what others think. 12. Infinite’s fans is Inspirit, INSPIRIT was the name chosen based on a poll conducted Infinite management, Woollim Entertainment. 13. It took 2 hours to shoot scenes in the rain at Dashi Dorawa MV, and they were singing it live at that time. 14. Sungyeol wanted to be closer to the girl, so he asked Sungjong to him when he is socializing. Sungjong invited Hoya at a time, but Hoya ended with the just standing there while Sungjong talk with the member of the girlgroup among them 15. Woohyun choose Orange Caramel as a girl group that he wanted to appear together on ‘We Got Married’. Because they have 3 members, he will choose Sungjong, Hoya, and himself to appear on the show. 16. When asked who they prefer among Mithra, Jin, and Tablo Epik High, all members answer Mithra 17. Infinite can not ‘expose’ themselves because Sungjong too thin, and because Sungyeol’s abdominal fat. 18. Cell phone all the members ever had confiscated for 3 days 19. Infinite started to learn Japanese even before their debut in Korea to prepare for entry into the Japanese market 20. Infinite come to the salon the same with Kim Bum.

21. When filming MV BTD, another member just came to support and Myungsoo Woohyun for 30minutes / 1 hour because they were filming at a temperature of -17 degrees 22. Sunggyu once asked Sungjong “do you know HOT?” and Sungjong said that he didn’t know them. 23. Sungyeol and Myungsoo insert each other to the list of the things they most dislike. 24. Sunggyu choose Myungsoo as the person who will he bring to a small island. 25. Dongwoo is one of the most clean, while Myungsoo is the dirtiest 26. Sungyeol and Dongwoo sleep with his eyes slightly open. 27. Woohyun said Sungyeol is a member of the “most far” from him because Sungyeol’s snoring, so he must sleep away from him 28. Sungyeol think Dongwoo was his enemy in the group because of his 9999-dimensional personality 29. Hoya and Sungyeol should act together with Myungsoo and Woohyun in Berfore The Dawn MV. Hoya is the only person with no acting experience, so he downloading lots of movies to learn,  but some days later he and Sungyeol be told not need to act. 30. Hoya thought Sungyeol was the strangest member because when he spoke to her, he was always surprised and sometimes fear 31. Woohyun closest to Sunggyu because he does not snore or have other bad sleeping habits, so they can sleep very close to each other. 32. Sunggyu affect Dongwoo to show his journal. Sunggyu think it contains with the philosophical thing to see how he practiced rap and write lyrics. But all that Dongwoo write is about when they eat lunch and how their schedule that day. 33....
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