The Following Three Concepts Describe How the World Has Been Divided According to the Levels of Development. Discuss the Origins and Validity of These Concepts: Third World/South, North (West/First World), Development

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Title: the following three concepts describe how the world has been divided according to the levels of development. Discuss the origins and validity of these concepts.

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2.Third world/south and North(West/first world)

In this assignment the three concepts will be discussed, defined according to the levels of the development. Third world will be defined and discussed together with the first world and development. Third world is the developing countries or poor countries and first world are the developed countries or rich countries. Characteristics affecting the third world will be discussed. Countries belonging to the third world and first world will be named. Factors affecting the development in the third world will be identified.

Third world/South , North (West/First world) and Development Third World /South countries are the developing countries. Third world was a term originally used to distinguish nations that were involved during the cold war. Third world countries are the developing countries or poor countries but today the term is used to show nations with the smallest UN Human Development index (HDI) in the world, independent of their political status. In some other countries the term Third World is disliked because it implies the false notion that those countries are not part of the global economic system. Some other countries noted that the underdevelopment of Africa during the cold war was influenced or even caused by most powerful nations of the time, these nations could largely be divided into capitalist state in the west on the one hand and communist states in the east on the other.

Many third world countries are located in Africa, Asia and South America, they are the colonised nations. The poor, developing or third world countries are South Africa,Ethiopia,Somalia,Tanzania,Zimbabwe,Botswana,Peru,Burundi ,Angola and they are classified as poor countries because they are most likely to be affected by floods,poverty,famine,drought,overpopulation,earthquakes and diseases such as tuberculosis, Aids and Malaria. The First World War is the developed countries and they were not colonised. The first war or developed countries are Japan, Swirtzerland, Germany, France, and United States of America and they are classified as developed countries because they have good infrastructure and communication, they have enough jobs, their standard of living is too high and there is good education.

The term “third world” was coined by economist Alfred Sauvy in an article in the French magazine L’Observateur of August 14, 1952. It was a deliberate reference to the “Third Estate of the French Revolution.(Study Guide DVA1501 Study Unit 3:39) “However as the first meetings of the third world countries took place Bandung in 1955,Belgrade in 1961 and Geneva(group of 77)in 1964,the international media under heavy “cold war” influence, viewed the attitude of Asian, African and Latin America leaders as a “third stance” in opposition to a clear-cut world split into two political, economic and military blocs: the socialist bloc headed by the soviet union, and the bloc of industrial capitalist countries headed by the united states”. Many third world countries believed they could successfully court both the communist and the capitalist nations of the world, and develop key economic partnership without necessarily falling under their influence. The plan did not work out quite so well; many third world nations were exploited or undermined by the two superpowers that feared these supposedly neutral nations were in danger of falling into alignment with the enemy. After World war II,the first and second worlds struggled to expand their respective spheres of influence to the third world.the militaries and intelligence services of the United States and the Soviet Union...
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