Produce a Report to Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Understanding of Different Theorist of Development.

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Abraham Maslow Pages: 5 (1782 words) Published: August 26, 2012
Produce a report to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of different theorist of development. This report should identify how these theorists have influenced current practice. Cognitive
Piaget developed the theory of stage development; he had based his theories on his children by carrying out detailed observations where he came up with four stages in each process. But he believed a child had to be at a certain age to learn something or they simply couldn’t learn it or know it. I believe he underestimated children’s abilities and knowledge. The first stage was called sensorimotor stage- in this stage children learnt through using their 5 senses, touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing. He believe they understood that the objects or smell or what they could hear was there permanently or even for a short space of time but he still believed between the ages of 0-2 their main concerns are for themselves and no one else. They will get what they want no matter the consequences. I agree with this stage of development because babies and toddlers will cry and scream and shout until they can get what they want even though as they get older they do start to be told off for how they are reacting to being told no, but they do start to understand. Preoperational stage is based on the ages between 2 and 7, they try to understand what things are and what causes what. As children get older they are constantly told to stay away from the fire, as they get older they realise the fire is associated with hot, pain and crying so they stay away from it. When the wind is blowing they can see the trees are moving side to side and think the trees are causing it. They don’t really understand the whole process of everything but you can understand the logic behind their thinking. Concrete operational stage is the third stage in his theory. Between the ages of 7 and 11 years of age they want to know more and understand why things happen in more detail, they want to see the evidence of it. I understand his concept but I have seen children at a lot younger age want to know things in greater detail, i work in a class of children aged 5-6 years of age, the children that are at the higher understanding in the class ask for more information and bring in information they have found out themselves from home with their parents help. Formal operation stage is basically the point where Piaget believed children at the age of 11 could understand reasoning and able to manipulate and investigate the way people think. I understand this to a certain degree, but I believe you are constantly learning no matter the age, being 19 or 99, but I don’t believe children as young as 11 being able to master of logical thoughts. We use Piagets’ teachings in everyday life in schools where we think of what the children need and plan activities around it, we use this in the foundation phase, using the 7 key skills every child has to learn to create a sound foundation for education further on in school life. Psychoanalytical

Sigmund Frued based his theories on the psychoanalytical, this is the theory of how the personality is developed, he believed what experiences we had as children would have an impact on our personalities when we became adults. He believed the personality was based in three sections, these sections are called the id, ego and super ego. Freud believed in the id, ego and super ego. According to Freuids beliefs we are born with an “id”. The “id” is based on the pleasure principle, so when a new born baby wants to eat they will automatically start to cry so their parents can give them milk. This is the same principle if we get thirsty and we go and get a drink. The “id” part of the brain doesn’t take others in to consideration and will want what it wants until it can have it. This carries on up to the age of three before the “ego” kicks in. When children develop the part of the brain that consists of the “ego,” they will start to understand what they...
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