The Follow-Up

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Week 2 Homework Activities
Chapter 2
1. Describe the characteristics of well-written goals. Clear, realistic, and attainable goals for short or long term including education. 2. List at least four or five things you can do to develop a positive attitude. Always think positive, never giving up, staying focus, and achieving my goals. 3. What have you personally found helps motivate you to sit down and start studying? Excitement of learning new things. 4. Describe the most important characteristics of an effective study space. Quiet and comfortable 5. How can you prepare for unplanned interruptions while studying? Taking short breaks and while making time for the interruptions removing something out the schedule for studying 6. After you have analyzed how you typically spend time and have blocked out study periods for the week, you may still have difficulty using that study time well. List additional time management strategies that can help you make the most of the time that you do have. 7. If you find yourself procrastinating, what can you do to get back on track? Remind myself that I am striving for success and it will be worth it. 8. What can go wrong if you try to micromanage every minute of the day? To much going on can affect your memory * What should you do, instead? Manage and order your time 9. Realizing that any action repeated consistently and frequently will soon become a habit, what should you do with your academic planner every day and every week to establish a strong habit that will help ensure your success in all your college courses to come? Keep track of all assignment and goals you want to achieve Outside the Book

Make seven copies of the “Study Journal” page following. Near the end of the day, every day for the next week, spend a few minutes reviewing your day and writing answers to those questions. At the end of the week, review what you have written and summarize what you observe about your study tendencies by answering these questions: 1. Did you usually get as much, more, or less schoolwork done as you had scheduled for the day? Less If you got less done, was the problem due to scheduling more time than you actually had, or not making effective use of the scheduled blocks of time? Not making effective use of my time. 2. List the steps you will follow to make your scheduling process work better next week. Less time reading my own books and more time studying my work 3. What other things did you do repeatedly during the week when you should have been studying? Running errands and doing things in the house 4. What were the most common distractions (people or other interruptions) during the week when you were studying? My boyfriend and children 5. List ways you can control your study space to avoid these activities and prevent these distractions next week. Go to my rooms upstairs and making sure the kids are downstairs with their dad 6. Do you see a pattern in the activities you least enjoyed and had difficulty getting started on? Homework and taking time to study the materials. 7. Review Chapter 2, Section 3 and Chapter 2, Section 4 for specific strategies to use to stay focused and motivated. Make a list here of five or more things you will do differently next week if studying becomes difficult or less enjoyable. Study Journal for Date: ____________

* a. My daily planner had scheduled __5___ hours of academic time today (not counting time in class). It turned out that I actually spent about ___2___ hours on my studies. * At some times I was scheduled to study or do academic work, I was doing this instead: Cleaning or running errands * b. The academic time I most enjoyed today was doing __Reading___________ * I enjoyed this most because ______I like to read______________ * c. The academic time I least most enjoyed today was doing _____Homework______ * I enjoyed this least because ____So many interruptions___________ * d. I had the most difficulty...
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