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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Q. Explain and give your reactions to Dr. Dyers IFD syndrome as discussed in video.

A. Dr. Dyers IFD syndrome basically says if you change the way you think than you can change the world you live in. I believe this to be one hundred percent true. I struggle with anxiety and I know it stems from my thoughts. I convince myself of bad things , and talk myself out of a lot of easy tasks because of my thinking. I know that when I do change my thinking I actually have a better day and lose a lot of my fear. If you tell yourself you can do something you can achieve it. Just like depression, if you sit and bask in it all day it isn’t going to make it better. Go out and do something. After watching this video ive actually tried to change my thinking. But, it is easier said than done. Sometimes, my thinking just comes out of no where and I don’t realize it, but I do tell myself to change my thinking when I notice it. Half the time when I think something is going to be bad it ends up being bad because I’m already thinking it. But if I tell myself it is going to be ok it usually is nothing more than something simple.

Q. Wayne Dyer used five words to discuss your erroneous zone, summarize and give your reaction to any two of them.

A. Taking charge of yourself, If you just wake up everyday with confidence and good thoughts, I believe that you will have a good day. If you wake up thinking negatively, and down, odds are that’s how your day is going to end up. Taking charge can help you in all aspects of your life especially school, which leads me to the next erroneous zone, the big one, procrastination. I believe so many people in school struggle with procrastination, especially me. This all stems from your thoughts as well. You don’t want to do it so you wait till the last minute and end up not putting as much effort and time into it. If procrastination didn’t exist I believe many kids in school would have better grades, and less dropping out. I struggle with this...
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