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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Life is a rhythm

Imagine your mother left you and married another man. Imagine experiencing your father’s death at the age of eight. That’s the story of Jang Miri, a young lady who has been through many difficulties and challengers in her life. Miri is an amazing actress from South Korea with an incredible life story.

Painful Childhood
Throughout her childhood Miri dealt not only with the typical challengers of school and adolescence, such as bullying and self-esteem; she also struggled with depression and loneliness. She questioned why she was different and why she was an orphan. She wondered what was the purpose of her life, or if she even had a purpose. Miri was sent to orphanage, and later was adopted by a family from Japan. She thought her life was going to be wonderful and saved from the orphanage life. Unfortunately, her life was a nightmare; washing 50 bed sheets a day for 6 years.

Life is a rhythm
As Miri grew older she was forced into becoming a bar hostess in Fukuoka’s red light district. In order to pay off her adoptive fathers debt. “My life is the art of drawing, without an eraser,” she said. “I manage to escape to South Korea and become safe and successful, no matter what I had to do: lie, cheat or steal.” However Miri was told that she cannot remain in Korea without a steady job due to her lack of credentials. “I was desperate not to return to my old life, I want to live the life I imagined!” After a series of events lead Jang Myung-Hoon, the managing director of Hotel A to assume she holds a degree from prestigious Tokyo University and offers Miri an employment at his hotel. Miri lies about her credentials and takes the job.

Meanwhile, Miri’s neighbor Soon Yoon-hyun, meets Miri and instantly falls for her. Miri later runs into the cheerful, good-hearted Moon Hee-joo, a childhood acquaintance who holds indirectly responsible for Miri’s terrible life… and who happens to have a degree in Architecture from Tokyo University....
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