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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Associate Level Material

Appendix F

Reading Strategies Worksheet

Identify two reading goals, one short-term and one long-term. *
Long-term reading goal: Establish a better reading strategy Short-term reading goal: Read my text at a quicker pace

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: *
How do you currently approach the weekly readings in the course?

During my weekly readings I start by previewing and scanning information. I read titles and the beginning sentences to get a brief description of what it may be saying and realizing if I know the information or not. I take notes from each section and review the information throughout the week. I highlight information I believe to be important and useful towards discussion questions and assignments and or exams. Also I find a nice secluded area that way I can focus all of my attention towards my readings and fully understand what I am reading and apply it when needed.

How might you incorporate three of the suggestions covered this week into your study time?

I would manage my study time more wisely therefore I can be able to accomplish what all is needed to be done such as assignments, discussion questions and exams. If I have any distractions that may occur I can still get all of my work completed because I developed a schedule and managed my time in a timely manner. Another suggestion I may use towards this week into my study time would to collaborate with others. If I seek ideas from other students I may have a better understanding on what I am being asked if I am stuck on a question or needing more insight on the readings.

How might this plan help you accomplish your reading goals?
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