Reading Comprehension Strategies

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  • Published : March 16, 2009
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Teaching Reading
National Reading Panel
Reading Comprehension Strategies

Strategies that can help improve text comprehension.

Monitoring Comprehension

To understand what you are reading, one must learn how to be aware of understanding what you are reading. Teaching metacognition strategies help students learn ways to understand what they are reading before, during, and after reading required information. Before reading, students need to understand the purpose for reading. They also need to review what they will be reading. During reading, students need to monitor what they do understand and what they do not understand to fix any problems they might have in understanding what they are reading. After reading, they will need to have graphic organizers to help them check understanding of what they have read. Before Reading:

• Predict what the text will be about
• Connecting reading to background knowledge
• Set purpose of reading by creating sensory images
During Reading:
• Asking questions
• Drawing inferences
• Determining what's important
• Synthesizing ideas
• Solving problems

After Reading:
• Summarize
• Evaluate the ideas
• Make applications

Using Graphic and Semantic Organizers

Graphic organizers allow students to visualize important concepts from required reading materials in the classroom. When students are assigned reading from a teacher, there should be an understanding of why they are reading what is assigned. With so much information, especially in expository text material, there needs to be a focus on what the teacher wants the students to learn. Graphic organizers enable teachers to help students focus on text structure as they read. Another important reason for giving students graphic organizers is that it enables students to visualize connections between the relationships within a text. With the graphic organizer, students are able to clarify what they are supposed to be learning. Also graphic organizers...
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