The Final Report Glycemic Index

Topics: Carbohydrate, Glycemic index, Nutrition Pages: 5 (1751 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Glucose levels and gycemic index tested in the blood systems of university students over a ninety minute time period. After ingesting high, medium, low carbohydrate foods. Authors
Mark McDonald, Elliot Ness ,Michael Joseph, Brendon Myers
The blood glucose level is measured on how much of a rise is in the blood, carbohydrates trigger– the glucose and with this we get a blood glucose response. A low( Glycemic index) GI food you will see a small rise, while a high GI will show a dramatic peak. A GI of 70 or more is high, a GI of 56 to 69 inclusive is medium, and a GI of 55 or less is low. Glycemic index, or GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. The aim was to find the amount of effect that the foods has on the blood glucose in the body. Method

The 192, students were used from the sunshine coast university . volunteers fasted for a minimum of three hours, then were given 40g of carbohydrates infoods that contained ether high, medium and low glycemic index, the test was carried out over the time line of 90minutes at 15minute intervals bloods was taken from them using the capillary finger prick technique, to get the results of this a Accu-chek glucometer was used. Results

The results showed us the difference in blood glucose levels by the way of means and standard deviation data, there was a finding that the low foods peaked at 30 minutes and the medium food group peaked at 45minutes.the highs peaked at 30minutes as well, as the testing time was only 90 minutes the high, medium an low all declined at much the same rate, a resting level was not done as we were timed out before all volunteers had got back to the resting state. Discussion

The low GI foods released slowly into the blood system, thier for the high GI foods increased the glucose much faster which in turn showed us faster raise in the levels.The large amount of subjects tested let us see the differences over the high ,medium ,and low food groups, as the results were taken every 15 minutes to make sure that a accurate result was found and for the foods to have time to absorb in to the blood system ,as we had a time limit we were not able to see the levels return to their normal state.

This study has shown us the different effects of high ,medium and low foods have on our blood glucose level in our bodies, also that the effects of the glucose released from them and how fast the body reacts to the absorption from the high ,medium and the low food groups carbohydrates that break down at different rates showing us that the high carbohydrates that release fast have a high GI, and the carbohydrates that release slowly have a much lower GI.

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The glycemic index (GI), This shows how quality carbohydrates are measured in foods, the quality shows us the speed blood sugar levels are raised, it was first established to help diabetics to control their blood sugar levels. The glycemic index is about the quality of the carbohydrates, not the quantity. ( Mendosa 2009).The study of glycemic index was put forward to provide a look at the classification of foods that have carbohydrates in them. In away glycemic index is a extension of our dietary fibre intake.. The most important extension is called the glycemic load, which takes the quantity of available carbohydrates into account. Available carbohydrates are those that provide energy, i.e. starch and sugar, but not fiber. The glycemic load measures the effect of the glycemic index of a food times its available carbohydrate content in grams in a standard serving. (Mendosa 2009).In this study we are looking at five different food groups and there effects on the glucose levels in our body. the foods that have been tested are as jelly beans, milk chocolate, apple, mars bar, dates, ryvita crisp bread. The body's homeostatic mechanism keeps blood glucose levels within a narrow range. According to the...
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