The Factors That Determine the Nature of a Manager’s Job

Topics: Management, First World, Organization Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: October 5, 2012
The theory of jobs that a manager is expected to do was first formulated by Fayol. His classical theory states that a manager will do planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Mintzberg then questioned the folklore of what a manager does and concluded that management involves brevity, fragmentation and verbal communication best describes the job of a manager. The nature of a manager’s job differs greatly from organization to organization due to there being a wide variety of factors which will demand a certain set of skills from the manager. The size of an organization would determine the job of a manager to a large degree. Shop and Save would require their manager’s to perform almost all functions of POCCC. Roles such as the ordering of goods, planning of staff shifts, dealing with customer relations are some examples of jobs that a manager would have to deal with in a small organization. A larger organization such as NTUC would require the manager to specialize in a smaller sample of functions due to them having more managers and departments to deal with specific matters. An example would be handling promotions, customer feedback and dealing with customer complaints, whereby the jobs would usually be interrelated with each other. Differences in the culture of companies would result from the business model that is adopted. Apple requires its workers to think up of innovative ideas and to be creative in their work which would require an informal culture which would have fewer constraints on the workers. Having lesser levels of management would also allow ideas to be approved easier rather than wasting time on clearing red tape. A government organization such as the army would require a bureaucratic culture in order to ensure rules are adhered to and to have a high level of efficiency when dealing with situations. This is accomplished by setting a chain of command and making sure that the people in the organizations know who their superiors...
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