Dynamic and Culture

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Cultural Uniformity versus Heterogeneity.
Cultures differ from organization to another depending upon the leaders of the organization on how they shape organizational culture. It is merely dependant on the core business of the organization and vital values that needs to be embedded in an organization. They are many organizations who adopt uniformity in their organization cultures whereas others they adopt heterogeneity prospective in their organization culture. Nowadays many organizations prefer to have a combination of both cultures depending on their organization structures and departments core functions. Uniformity and heterogeneity differs from department to another depending upon their core function and if the organization would foster in their business then they must have mix of both. Dubai Airports has got elements of both uniformity and heterogeneity in the organization cultures. Safety and security culture is uniformed culture across the organization and it is practised and any unsafe acts noticed are reported by every individual working with Dubai Airports regardless his department or unit. There was a training conducted by our Health, Safety, Security and Environment department called SUSA (Safe and unsafe act auditing) to the whole department within the organizations. Consequently, it is considered as uniformity culture and must be practise by all. It is in the DNA of the organization. Another classical example for uniformity in culture is Dubai Airport values which are uniformity culture that is cascaded down to all the employees. There are five values demonstrated by all departments which are energetic, reliable, caring, ambitious and proud. These values are embedded into each and every individuals working with Dubai Airport. In many organizations uniformity can be viewed through their vision, mission, strategic pillars, objectives and core functions. The entire departments must tailor out the function to meet the vision, mission....etc of the company. All Dubai airports department have exhibited company vision, mission, strategic pillars and objectives in their offices and conference rooms. On the other hand, many organizations besides having uniformity in their cultures, they also have heterogeneity culture where different department have different sub cultures differs from unified organization culture. A classic example in Dubai Airport is where marketing department teams are very conversational, persuasive, energetic, creative and extroversive. It is called archetype or sub-culture of the organization. Finance is known being so formal, serious, focus on number and attentive to details. Human resource has also different behaviours such as people person focused, lots of paper work, known to the workers and work as one family. Dubai Airport teams are departmental focus where initiatives are split among individual departments and not linked between departments. Team spirit among departments is diminishing and not visible to individuals which might create a high risk of competitors in the environment. Google focused on heterogeneity more than uniformity as they are very much creative and that can be seen from their new page look on daily basis and if we unify it then others like yahoo, binge…etc website would capture people attention and they will lose their credibility. We analyzed aspect of the structure of organizational culture. We show that old and culture uniformity organizations are prone to cultural inertia. That is they are reluctant to adopt a different culture in response to a change in the environment. Emirates Airline is uniformity culture level is too high where every department within the organization must adopt laid down process and procedures and innovation and creativity must be routed through an online application called bright idea web page where an employee should upload his idea in the system and then it is discussed with the department head if the idea is applicable and worth...
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