The Factors Affecting Performance of Secretaries

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The study was concerned with the factors affecting the performance of secretaries in organizations and a case study of private and government aided primary and secondary schools in Masindi Town Council. Secretaries are sole sources of organizational success however they are seen not to perform as expected. The objectives of the study were

To examine whether wages and salaries affect the performance, to find out the effects of education and training on the performance and to determine the extent to which the relationship between secretaries and their working environment affect their performance. Review of the related literature was made to carry out the study successfully. Descriptive research design and stratified random sampling and sample size of 30 respondents was used. Data was obtained from both primary and secondary sources, questionnaires and interview as instruments of data collection, data was presented in tables of frequency and percentages. It was concluded that the factors sighted as objectives affected the performance of secretaries and the researcher made the following recommendations; equal pay for all employees according to the level of responsibility and work done, secretaries be taken for further training and only employ those with enough skills and qualifications, working relations be encouraged at all levels, physical working environment be improved and equipment be purchased.



This chapter is an introduction to research, which presented the background to the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, hypotheses, area and scope of the study, significance of the study and definition of terms. 1.1BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY

Secretaries are one of the most vital workers in organizations hence playing a very great role in the smooth flow of organizational work. A fully qualified and equipped secretary takes shorthand dictation, transcribes it on the typewriter or computer, supervises, serves as a link between top management and their juniors, acts in the absence of the employer, organizes meetings, agenda, sitting arrangements, takes minutes, they act as a centre of communication according to White Head (1985) by receiving and sending memos, letters, telephone calls, carries out filing system, arrange travel appointments for the employer, keeps secrets of the employer and the organization and ensures that work delegated to her is finished in time. A secretary has to report at the workplace before the employer and arrange the office. Thelma J. Foster (1994) a secretary saves her employers time.

FW Taylor puts it that, people are only motivated by money and rewards. Lawler and Victor Vroom (Expectancy theory) people’s behaviour is affected by how their work is related to their rewards. According to Richard L. Daft (1996) the wage and salary structure is an important part of the compensation package that maintains a productive workforce and equally important are the benefits offered by the organization. A US chamber of Commerce Survey has revealed that benefits in general compose more than 1/3 of labour costs and in some industries nearly 2/3. As a result of little motivation in terms of rewards secretaries some times are absent in their offices, not minding on their jobs and resorting to other productive businesses for survival which affects their performance.

An important element of secretary’s success and value lays in the skills that is interpersonal and managerial skills which enhances organizations reputation. Western worlds’ organizations practice on-the-job-training (OJT). In 1987 IBM spent more than $750 million on training its employees secretaries inclusive. Great Plains software of Fargo, North Dakota, replaced one-day orientation with an intense three-month training program. Secretaries are currently pursuing education at higher levels of learning which is making employers delegate them...
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