How Can an Organisation Use an Intranet to Achieve Knowledge Sharing Among Its Employees

Topics: Knowledge management, Extranet, Organization Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The purpose of this essay is to explain how an organisation uses an intranet to achieve knowledge sharing among its employees. This essay provides a brief description of an intranet. Research showed that businesses that utilise this technology are more time efficient. It was also noted that using an intranet saves time and money for the organisation.

An intranet is a private network that is contained within an enterprise. Unlike the Internet, intranets are private and restrict access to employees (Stroman, Wilson, Wauson 2012). Organisations can allow access to their intranet, for customers’ if required via an extranet. An extranet is part of an intranet that is accessible by outside parties, for access to documents that they may require (e.g. order forms, pricing documents, product brochures and updated terms and conditions).

Knowledge sharing (KS) is an important part in the running of an organisation. Managers are always looking at ways to become more efficient in KS. Intranets have emerged as an effective way of sharing information and knowledge in organisations (Natarajan, M 2008). An intranet enhances communication between employees; provide a common knowledge base and a storage area for all documentation requiring access by employees.

An intranet is an invaluable tool for presenting organisational information as it provides a central location for employees to access company data, systems and processes. Intranets promote common corporate culture, as users are all viewing the same information. A popular interface for an intranet is via a web browser which offers a familiar workspace for users.

Research has proven that for an intranet to be successful it needs to offer a diverse range of information, if the information shared is not diverse the intranet is bound to fail (Robertson, J 2007). All information that is available on an intranet should be constantly updated to ensure that the documents are the current versions all staff...
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