The Expanding Reach of Google Earth Enterprise Application to Web Browsers

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  • Published : June 12, 2008
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Expanding reach of “Google Earth Enterprise” application to web browsers Overview of technology
The utility of the Google Earth Enterprise system has just been expanded to include access to nearly everyone within an organization subscribing to this software. Previously, Google Earth Enterprise allowed a company to take the geospatial framework of Google Earth, with its satellite imagery and 3-D terrain mapping, and infuse it with proprietary corporate information to create a new method of analyzing and planning strategies. This new development with the software allows for greater ease of access to the combined data that was previously only viewable through a 3-D program. This means that employees of these firms will now be able to tap into the Google Earth Enterprise system wirelessly, on hand held devices and laptops, or remotely via secure terminals. Potential impact on today’s environment

The impact of this technology on today’s business landscape lies with the applications ability to deliver timely analysis and comprehension of a large amount of interconnected data. By extending the utility of the program’s already proven ability to assist with data analysis and interpretation, the overall effectiveness increases. The more that appropriate parties are able to tap into this resource, and with greater ease, the greater the acceptance level of the technology. As with any technology, a limiting factor in wielding the full power of the technology lies with people’s affinity towards embracing and relying upon that technology.

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