How Technology Affects Consumer Behaviour?

Topics: Consumer behaviour, Information technology, Behavior Pages: 40 (14750 words) Published: July 20, 2012
ISSN 1822-6515ISSN 1822-6515 EKONOMIKA IR VADYBA: 2009. 14ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT: 2009. 14 IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Elina Gaile-Sarkane Riga T echnical University, Latvia, Abstract

Fast development of equipment and technologies, economic globalization and many other external circumstances stimulate the changes in consumer behavior. Usually consumer behavior has drawn upon theories developed in related fields of study of human behavior such as psychology, sociology, economics, behavioral economics, and anthropology, to develop a theoretical framework for the analysis of the behavior of consumers. It is very convenient and up-to-date to use information and telecommunication technologies for communication among individuals what improves the information flow within an organization and outside. At the same time there are a lot of challenges for all involved parts – industry and society. These challenges are principally related to adoption of the technologies in the country what directly impacts the consumer behavior. In the paper customer behavior in electronic environment have been analyzed, peculiarities of behavior caused by information and telecommunication technologies were funded out. The research conducted by the author showed that information technologies create dynamic behavior what involves different from traditional market interactions and exchanges. Keywords: consumer behavior, electronic environment, adoption of technologies, information and telecommunication technologies. Introduction

A society of the future is the society of knowledge, in which the capability of knowledge concentration and transformation in innovative and applicative solutions are important and respective values. Knowledge has become as a central resource of new society where knowledge workers are key elements of its work force. The basic strategy of achieving the knowledge society was set with the so called Lisbon goals (European Commission 2000). The key indicator for knowledge based society in EU is the Information Society. The objective is to broaden the access to the Internet and to produce content what adds value to European cultural and scientific heritage. Customer behavior involves the thoughts and feelings experience and the actions they perform in consumption processes. It also includes all the things in the environment that influence these thoughts feelings and actions. These include comments from other customers, advertisements, price information, packaging, product appearance and many others. It is important to recognize from this definition that consumer behavior is dynamic, involves interactions, and involves exchanges. Consumer behavior is dynamic because the thinking, feeling and actions of individual consumers, targeted consumer groups and society at large are constantly changing. A vast number of individual differences can influence consumer behavior. Some of the most important include personality, lifestyles and psychographics, and motivation. Personality reflects a person’s consistent response to his or her environment. It has been linked to differences in susceptibility to persuasion and social influence and thereby to purchase behavior. At the same time electronic environment is different and organizations cannot apply the same standards to the internet purchasing. Since last century information technologies came into our everyday life and changed our everyday activities. Information technologies are adopted by the vast number of consumers in Latvia as well as in the Baltic States and all around the world. Information technologies have changed consumer behavior. Adoption of information technologies is rather slow process but once it had happened, consumers are involved in the technology usage for very long time. According to statistical information access to the internet doubled every year since 2004 (it was 14.7% of all households) and in beginning of 2008 reached...
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