New Communication Technologies in Business

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  • Published : November 6, 2008
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•the popularity of new communication technologies worldwide •organization also begin to use this new communication technologies •the problem of new communication technologies brought into focus Purpose:

This report will examine the advantages and disadvantages of new communication technologies in business and give some suggestions. Managed efficiently, new communication technologies may improve the communication between organizations, although there are some drawbacks. 2.Definition of new communication technologies:

New communication technology refers to a virtual tool, which sets up the connection between users.. •IM,
3.Advantages of new communication technologies in business: 3.1 For Company:
Organizations may get improvement from the advantages of new communication technologies. • To begin with, more efficient work gives evidence of one advantages. • reduce the pressure on E-mail box, solve the problem “overloaded” (Raphael, 2004, P1). • New communication technologies may also improve productivity. • save administrator time, make decisions immediately (Raphael, 2004, P1). •provide an approach to exchange ideas in whole organization for improvement (Martin, 2007, P58). 3.2 For Employees:

Employees may work in more comfortable environment. • The fact of reducing the difficulty in dealing with huge amounts of information cannot be neglected. • wikis help to get more information(Martin, 2007, P57)

• quick and convenient in sending messages and documents (Wilkins, 2007, P27) • Moreover new technology, such as IM, enhances the friendship between staffs, namely, the cohesive force of organizations. • with the application of “presence”, set up connection of partners quickly (Wilkins, 2007, P27) • an efficient way to organize the contact (Raphael, 2004, P2) 3.3 For...
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