The Evolution of Management

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The Evolution of Management
Classical Approaches start 1890
1. Systematic Management
Adam Smith believed the management of these firms was chaotic and their ideas helped to systematize it. Approach attempted to build specific procedures and process into operations to ensure co-ordination of effort, emphasized economic operations, adequate staffing maintenance of inventories to meet consumer demand, and organizational control.

2. Scientific Management
Frederick Taylor (Hired by Midvale Steel Company 1878)
This approach advocated the application of scientific methods to analyze work and determine how to complete production tasks efficiently. * Management should develop a precise, scientific approach for each element of one’s work to replace general guidelines. * Management should scientifically select, train, teach, and develop each worker so that the right person has the right job. * Management should cooperate with workers to ensure that jobs match plans and principles. * Management should ensure an appropriate division of work and responsibility between managers and workers. 3. Administrative Management

Approach emphasized the perspective of senior managers within the organization, and argued that management was a professional and could be taught
Henri Fayol published a book summarizing his management experience (4 functions & 14 principle of management) planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling.
Chester Barnard’s & Mary parker Follet discussed a broad spectrum of management topics, including the social responsibilities of management, the philosophy of management, clarification of business terms and concepts, and organizational principles.

Barnard former The Functions of The Executive in 1938
4. Human Relations 1930
This Approach aimed at understanding how psychological & social processes interact with the work situation to influence performance. Human relation was the first major approach to...
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