Compare and Contrast Scientific and Administrative Management

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Scientific Management
The concept of scientific management was developed by Frederick Taylor (1856-1915) in late 19th century. The core idea of scientific management was to increase the efficiency of workers through rationalization and standardization of work. The main concepts and techniques used to achieve increased efficiency were division of labour, time and motion studies, work measurements and piece-rate wages.

Administrative Management
The concept of administrative management was introduced by Henry Fayol (1841-1925) and focused on the management process and principles of management. He created a functional approach to management and argued that management is a universal process that consists of planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling.

Scientific and Administrative Management – Similarities
Both Scientific and Administrative management shared a common goal - to increase the efficiency of the organisation. As well as a common goal both management theories shared the following principles: 1.Work was divided into specialised task easy enough to learn and to be performed efficiently (division of labour). 2.Managers were responsible for assigning the tasks to employees and for guiding them to achieve organisational goals (unity of direction). 3.Payment for work was related to one’s efficiency and ability to meet the set targets (remuneration). 4.Managers and workers shared the common goal which was the foundation for cooperation between them (espirit de corps). 5.Managers were responsible for the employee work and efficiency of the organisation. 6.Managers were obliged to threat employees fairly.

Scientific and Administrative Management – Differences
The main difference between Taylors and Fayol’s approaches was that Taylor wanted to achieve increased organization efficiency by modifying the way in which workers carry out their tasks and Fayol on the contrary by modifying the way the organization is...
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