The Entp Lestat

Topics: Abuse, The Vampire Lestat, Lestat de Lioncourt Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: May 16, 2008
It was about time there was to be something written about the ENTP this Earth revolves around. In this world, of course he is the most important person that exists.
Who am I talking about?

The Vampire Lestat of course. *Cool-ass rock music*

Written… at night *corny, cheap, spooky music that reminds me of black&white films*
I like to cut to the chase. The following is a (probable) explanation of this ENTP, placed in the formula of Carl G. Jung's psychological personality theory. Also, some Enneagram stuff is used knowledge.

Lestat is an ENTP 7w8.

The most conflicting functions are Ti (2nd) and Fe (3rd).
Fe is about morals, emotional atmospheres, empathy, rejection/approval, and reacting to emotional needs of the outside. Ti is about objectivity, assertion, sort of a 'brake' against excessive consumption of (subjective) energy by Fe. It validates things that are, have been, or could be judged (=input from Fe/the effect of the subjective standpoint-etc on the environment experienced by Fe. In this case, Ti is the instrument of Ne, so the subjective standpoint-idea-etc will always be for use in the external world of Ne. One of the most feasible uses of this Ti-measuring and validating, is that something subjective that will cause negative energy from the environment (negative energy for example being morally 'bad', unacceptable and potentially harmful towards the environment) will most probably consume more energy to be of use in the environment than something subjective that has a positive response (wich in good cases even brings more energy to the subject).

Almost an entire childhood of negative energy, mostly Fe, in the form of 'You are ugly/bad, so we deny you.' This is a form of aggression.
First surprise ( 'huh?! What the fuck is going on here?!?! Suddenly they are ganging up on me, when first I had no problem – they're taking things from me' ) Then depression (unable to cope with the situation, some part of the ENTP becomes...
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