Issues Surrounding Homosexuality and Adoption

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  • Published : July 16, 2011
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Issues Surrounding Homosexuality and Adoption

“Gays and lesbians are stepping up their national battle against restrictive state regulations, conservative Christians, and others to gain the same parenting rights as heterosexuals” (Kennedy 1). Since homosexual individuals are fighting so hard for the rights they are seeking, should homosexuals be given the right to adopt children? There is no reason why homosexual individuals shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children because they are capable of providing a secure and loving home for a child just as anyone else. It is also in the best interest for the child to have a secure and loving home vs. not having a home at all. Children being raised in a home where homosexuality is accepted and respected and not viewed as something wrong could change and teach others to accept and respect homosexuals as people as well. Homosexuals are human beings too, so why should they be treated any different just because of their sexual orientation?

There are people that do oppose to the idea of homosexuals being allowed to adopt children. “Various arguments have been made against placing children with homosexual individuals or couples,” but the most controversial and talked about issue would be mother and father vs. same sex parents (Patterson 1). People believe that the best home for a child is a home that has a mother and a father present, yet still disregarding the fact that there are many single parents successfully raising children without the help of the opposite sex. Being raised in a home with two parents would be great for any child, but “the sexual preferences of the parents” shouldn’t be an issue (Epstein 2).

Discrimination against homosexuals is still an issue today, but it doesn’t have to be that way if people would just open their eyes to realize that homosexuals are human beings too. Concerning the issue with homosexuals and adoption, homosexuals are people too that are capable of caring for children just as anyone else and should be allowed to adopt children. One reason why homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children would be their ability to love a child just as anyone else. “Everyone knows that the single most important ingredient in child rearing is the love” and “homosexual couples are just as capable of providing loving care to children as heterosexual parents”(Trainor 1). Love is still genuine and pure no matter whom it may come from. Usually individuals who are seeking to adopt are those who love children dearly. When asked, “how do you feel about homosexuals adopting children,” Dr. E replied “gay and lesbian couples are often scrutinized, so they try extra hard to be exemplary parents” “they’re almost certain to provide more love and security for children than most single parents can provide” (Epstein 2). It’s the love that counts and children are in need of a loving environment. A person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t have any influence on unconditional love. Children in need of loving parents should be given the chance to experience it regardless of the sexual orientation of those wanting to take on the responsibility of parenting.

Another reason why homosexuals shouldn’t be denied the right to adopt children would be that it’s better for children to be adopted by those who are interested rather than not being adopted by anyone at all. According to Michael S. Wald, “ there are far more children needing homes than available homes” (3). Many potential parents are being denied the right to adopt children because of their sexual orientation when there are many children in need of a place to stay. The well being of many children are overlooked due to the fact that homosexual couples and individuals are interested in adoption. “Excluding gay couples or individuals from becoming foster or adoptive parents means that some children will have to live in institutional settings or in nonpermanent homes” (Wald 3). Whether it is gay parents or straight parents a...
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