Biblical vs Humanistic

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Biblical versus Humanistic



Our cognition, mental processing of ideas and production of information plays a very complex and imperative role in our day to day lives. Our cognition is what differentiates us from other creatures giving us the humanistic virtue. We can withstand only by sensing first and then processing to understand the situation that is on the surrounding environment. It is impossible for a person to cope up with myriad changes of environmental factors and elements without using the cognitive virtue only. Many a times we interpret situations wrongly due to our pre-conceived idea, causing problems that could have been avoided if proper judgment is made without taking sides that leads to a biased product. The expectations we have and the responses we give to situations partly influence the way we see and judge the world. Introduction

Our hopes that we have, dreams that cherish and want to achieve, anxieties and fears triggered by the future uncertainties become prophesies that should be fulfilled and greatly influence the future to some degree. In addition, our inbuilt goals and the goals that we aspire to achieve also affect the course of our lives. Success of achieving our lives goals that we have set is determined by the knowledge of humanistic character, comprising the skills we have acquired and our planning in general. The relationships between us and other people are largely influenced by the following factors; attitudes towards people which might negative or positive, suspicions and pre-determined conclusions that we already have concerning other people. Both positive and negative attitude can be dangerous in their own course due the fact that a person can give somebody a characteristic which he or she is not (Dobson & Dobson,2009). Mostly this is drawn from the people appear rather than knowing the true behavior of a person. This conduct is influenced by the conceived notion that, people will not be accepted and recognized if they show their true characters. It has led to a world of full of deceptions which has become a riddle for many in determination of good relationships. The inbuilt and external motivation is an imperative determinant in the extent of struggle we make to go to the directions which are influenced by our desires and demands. The discrepancies that co-exist between what is real and ideals influence the satisfaction we get with ourselves in terms of the success and achievement of our set goals. The most significant thing is that, human beings are the only species that can systematically evaluate its thought processes. Human beings know their inner self. During the earlier times the term self refereed to self-centeredness virtues that were regarded to be devilish because they contrasted with the divine perfect nature of Christians. In the medieval periods, the meaning was greatly influenced by the community which interpreted it to as; to do what you are told to do. At the present time it means that; each and every person has the choice of doing what is right and knowing his or her personalities well enough to aid in determination of the direction of action. Low self esteem weakens the bonds of relationships among the community unlike societies where people have high self esteem. The relationships of people with low self esteem lack love hence it leads to mistrust, ambivalence and conflict in the community ( Blenkiron,2010). Low self is accompanied with some signs like depression related effects and difficulties in getting the clear understanding of the word of God. Depression is a state of psychology of a person where he or she experiences low mood and the mind attracted to an activity that can cause disastrous negative impacts on the thinking of a person, behavioral characteristics, feelings, and the way a person views the world and the physical well being of an individual. People who are depressed are sad,...
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