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Topics: Howard Hughes, Hughes Aircraft, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Life Span Development and Personality
PSY 300
January 31, 2011

Life Span Development
This paper will discuss the life span of a business man, movie producer, aviator, and billionaire, Howard Hughes. It will also explain the psychological development and personality characteristics of the young man that was raised by a financially driven father, and mentally disturbed mother. Mother and Father

Howard Hughes was born in 1905 in Houston, Texas to Howard Hughes Sr. and Allene Hughes. Allene Hughes was the biggest influence on Howard junior’s life; she constantly worried about the germs and sickness that her son came in contact with. Allene Hughes suffered from the mental disorder Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD). Howard Hughes Sr. spent most of his time following oil rigs and trying to improve the process of drilling into rock. In 1908/1909 Hughes Sr. invented a drill bit that would penetrate rock, which later made him a millionaire. Hughes Sr. was the owner of Hughes Tool Company. Howard Hughes Junior attended private schools in Boston, where his interest in academics were lacking, and just as his father was mesmerized by anything mechanical. Against his mothers’ wishes, Howard Junior built a bicycle with a motor, later called the motorcycle. Orphaned

In 1922, Allene Hughes went into the hospital for minor surgery, but never woke up. Allene Hughes died at 39 years of age, and Howard Junior lost his mother when he was only 16. The death of wife and mother caused a tremendous amount of grief for Howard Sr., and Jr. Life changed for them, but especially Howard Junior. His father was unable to recover from the death of his wife, and spent the next couple of years subjected Howard Junior to many women, looking for that same happiness again. In January 1924, Howard Senior was working at his desk when he suffered a heart attack and died at age 54. At age 18, Howard Junior was an orphan, and the owner of 75% of his father’s company, making him a very rich...
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