Richard Nixon Paper

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Richard Nixon Research Paper
Richard Nixon was Jan. 9, 1913, Yorba Linda, Calif., U.S.—died April 22, 1994, New York, N.Y. He was vice president to President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961 and the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1973 when he resigned almost being impeached for his role in the Watergate Scandal. He was the first American president to resign from office.

Richard Nixon was the second of five children born to Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhouse Nixon. His father was a service station owner and grocer, who also owned a small lemon farm in Yorba Linda, California. His mother was a Quaker. Richard Nixon’s early life was hard. He always described his family as being poor. The family experienced tragedy early in Richard’s life when his younger brother died in 1925 after a short illness and later when he was 20, his older brother, died of tuberculosis in 1933.

Richard Nixon attended Fullerton High School but later transferred to Whittier High School. There he ran for student body president, but lost. Nixon graduated high school second in his class and was offered a scholarship to Harvard. But his family couldn’t afford the travel and living expenses so he attended local Whittier College, a Quaker institution. This is where he earned a reputation as a formidable debater and standout in college drama productions as well as successful athlete. Upon graduation from Whittier in 1934, Nixon received a full scholarship to Duke University Law School. After Duke he returned to Whittier to practice law at the firm of Kroop & Bewley. He met Thelma Catherine Ryan, a teacher and amateur actress, after the two were cast in the same play at a local community theatre. The couple married in 1940 and had two daughters, Tricia and Julie.

Being a lawyer in a small town was not enough for Nixon, so he decided to move himself and his family to Washington DC, where he took a job in Franklin Roosevelt’s Office of Price Administration.  Nixon then...
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