The Employees Who Attracted and Committed to Ethical Organizations

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  • Published: November 30, 2012
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Do you believe that employees are more attracted and committed to ethical organizations? Are you? Why or Why not ? Make a list of the companies you would prefer to work for and state the reason why? Are there also companies that you refuse to work for? Why? Are there ethically ”neutral” companies that do not belong on other list. I believe that employees are more attracted and committed to ethical organizations. Because employees are come from ethical organization and they have a duty of care and loyalty to their employer and company during the period of time that they are employed. They are tried hard for their family and company so it contributed to their environment. I would like to work at BMW company and Mitsubishi company. BMW AG originated with three other manufacturing companies, Rapp Motorenwerke and Bayeriche Flugzeugwerke (BFw) in Bavaria, and Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach in Thuringia in 1996. Rapp Motorenwerke manufacture Aircraft engine in world war 1and BFw manufacture motorcycle. BMW became an automobile manufacture in 1929.Then, BMW have 69,518 worker and percentage over age 50: 23.1 . BMW is the most largest manufacturing company in the world. And also in business, BMW is the best management so I would like to work in this company. BMW Group has created a holistic and crosscutting approach to addressing demographic change at the workplace. This program comprises innovative initiatives in the areas of health promotion , training and knowledge management , work environment , and personalized retirement models. Equal opportunity is given to all employees irrespective of age to participate in training programs. BMW encourages employees to keep on learning during their whole working life. BMW introduced a flextime model in 1993 and 25,000 employees are able to arrange their individual work times. BMW started a part-time position. All employees have the option to take a personal leave of between one and six months. Mobile working offers additional flexibility. With mobile working, employees are in a better position to combine their personal life and their working time than they used to. In addition, BMW’s exercise program offers ergophysiotherapy and prevention related to the workplace, cardio and strength training, as well as treatments for acute and chronic pain. They pay many facilities for employees and they concentrate on employees life so I would like to work in this company. The Mitsubishi was first established as a shipping firm by Yataro Iwasaki (1834-1885) in 1870. In 1873, its name was changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. The name Mitsubishi ( mitsu meaning “three” and “hishi” (which becomes “bishi” under rendaku) meaning “water caltrop” (also called “water chestnut”) and hence “rhombus”, which is reflected in the company’s famous logo. It is also translated as “three diamonds”. Period of diversification are Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (founded in 1919) ,Mitsubishi Corporation (founded in 1950), Mitsubishi Motors (the six largest Japan-based auto manufacturer), Mitsubishi Atonic Industry (a nuclear power company), Mitsubishi Power systems (a power generation division), Nikon Corporation (specializing in optics and imaging). This Mitsubishi Group is the best company in Japan and contributing the ethical organizations so I would like to work in this company. In Mitsubishi Group they recognize that their employees are an invaluable asset. Therefore, they respect the rights and individually of every one who work in their group. And they do their utmost to ensure their working environment are safe and will offer opportunities for the employees to develop their capabilities. For human resource development-training program (personal development training, training for newly appointed managers, life planning training) . For work-life Balance – Measures for supporting efforts to balance work and family life), child care, Nursing (the maximum combined period of nursing leave and...
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