Ethical Climate of the Firm

Topics: Mafia, Infidelity, Morality Pages: 3 (1348 words) Published: July 19, 2008
Ethics Of Movie "The Firm"

The ethical climate of The Firm was mixed up and hostile at times. Certain characters had good morals and values. The law firm itself appeared at the beginning of the movie as a family oriented company and held values to which would follow this thinking. However, even before the lead character, Mitch McDeere, decided to take the job, certain questionable elements about the law firm are revealed that indicate that the firm’s ethics are out of line. A few of these elements are that they do not have any women lawyers at the firm, no one is divorced and there are not any bachelors. Another element is that they encourage children. Abby McDeere, the lead characters wife starts to pick up on this and Mitch calms her thinking. He is starting the let the money and other gifts cloud his judgment. In the beginning of the movie, it appears that Mitch is in a higher stage of moral development, such as stage 5, where his values are strong. Though his moral development actually drops down to a self serving stage two, when he gets a little greedy and lets the firm woo him. By the end of the movie he is at a stage six where his principles are high, he wants justice and fairness. He finds a legal way to bring down the firm and still be himself, without needing to go into the witness protection program. In doing so, he lets the mafia get away, which one would question based on the self serving morals of the mafia. How could he let this happen? The stage five principal where moral belief falls beyond specific custom is used to allow Mitch to see that while he is letting the mafia go free, he is protecting them by putting the mail fraud scheme on the law firm’s shoulders and is not involving the mafia in the downfall. In return, he is protected by the mob and allowed to live his own life. Mitch McDeere had to change his values, even if only temporarily to serve himself and be his own person. Mitch was a big whistle blower in the movie. Professionally...
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