Ethical Issues in the Workforce

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  • Published : June 24, 2011
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Ethical Issues in the workforce


Stephanie Wilcox
Bus 610
Kathleen Henry
June 6, 2011

Ethical issues in the workforce
In my own opinion ethical issues are a major concern because of the people trying to sell products. They have to build trust and integrity with their employees and consumers about their product. According to Knicki & Kretner, “ethics involves the study of moral issues and choices” (Knicki & Kretner, 2009, pg.23). Knicki & Kretner states that “Moral implications spring from virtually every decision, both on and off the job”. Managers are challenged to have more imagination and the courage to do the right thing to make the world a better place. (23). According to Knicki & Kretner, “people who think of themselves as being moral individuals tend to take stronger ethical stands” (Knicki & Kretner, 2009, pg.25). Things that impact ethical behavior is gender. A person personality may play a role and their family values. According to Kinicki and Kretner “history or reinforcement and moral principle also play a role in ethical behavior” (Knicki and Kretner, 2009, pg. 25). According to Knicki & Kretner, “a traditional belief is that women and men have different moral orientations” (Knicki & kretner, 2009, pg. 26). But a met-analysis of 113 studies found that women were not more compassionate and caring and less interested in rights and rules than men. Importantly, this clarifies but does not rule out gender differences in moral reasoning (26). According to “Prior research suggests that workplace decisions are jointly affected by organizational factors and person-based factors. The purpose of this experimental study--participants being managers with work experience--was to examine if corporate values espoused by the management influence everyday workplace decisions and what kind of corporate values allow employees' personality, or ethical values, to manifest...
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