The Emotional Effect

Topics: Communication, Emotion, Affect display Pages: 9 (3279 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Emotional Effect:

A Study of Emotions in the Workplace
Tyler Burns
University of Central Oklahoma

Interpersonal Communication 4113
Dr. Carlon
April 7, 2013

In every aspect of life, emotions play a part of each and every interaction of one’s day. A person’s mood can set the pace in all situations, unique or not. This paper will specifically target the emotional setting involved in the workplace and how employee emotions can directly affect the flow of the workplace. According to the Research Journal of Business Management, emotion can be defined as “a complex feeling state accompanied by physiological arousal and overt behaviors (Gopinath, 2011). An emotion is considered something that is expressed. An employee’s emotions can have a positive and negative effect on the overall flow of the workplace. Originally, it was planned to include several points to be discussed throughout the duration of the paper. However, it was found that the overall theme of the paper was too broad and needed to be narrowed down in an attempt to strengthen the quality of the paper. The overall goal of this paper is to prove the theory that in the workplace, an employee’s emotions can have a direct affect on the success of the workplace environment. The discussion will begin explaining how emotions are linked to social norms that are expressed by individuals and how they can influence the workplace. In explaining social norms, the chance for emotional contagion will be discussed. Emotional contagion means that emotions can be passed from person to person. With this in mind, there lies an opportunity for consequences to stem from negative emotions being passed from person to person. These consequences can have an impact on the flow of the workplace and even the interpersonal relationships one has with his or her colleagues. Here lies a significant factor that can influence the pace or flow of an organizational setting. It is also important to recognize emotions as a part of the communication process. Emotions can be expressed or communicated positively and negatively. However, in this particular paper, emphasis will be made on the negative aspect and how it can effect decision making in the workplace. Also, the concept of non-verbal communication will be discussed and how it is important for supervisors to have the ability to accurately perceive non-verbal emotional cues from others. It is important for supervisors to display supportive qualities when dealing with employees showing non-verbal emotional cues. The successful atmosphere for a team can be, in a way, dependent on this factor. An emphasis will be made on the importance of the supervisor role in dealing with emotion at work. The elemental role of compassion involved in the workplace will be addressed as well. The vision behind this paper believes having an element of compassion from each worker, supervisor or subordinate, is very important in having an effective work environment. Not only will compassion for one another be a topic for discussion, but the fact that a person actually has to have a passion for the work itself. When this is accomplished, the workplace will be an environment filled with positivity. This paper will explain the theory of how each of these points can contribute to the overall effectiveness of the workplace and how a emotions are involved differently in the workplace. In several ways that one may not even think about. Organizational Emotional Norms

The success of an organization is highly dependent on a healthy workplace environment More specifically, an environment that is established through healthy social norms. Through social norms, the employees in a workplace learn and understand what is expected and what is acceptable (O'Neill, 2009). The workplace can thrive when the office morale is positive. However, when the workplace experiences negative appeals, the functionality of...
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