The Effects of Prolonged Internet Usage on the Academic Results of Preteens and Teenagers

Topics: Internet, History of the Internet, Internet access Pages: 5 (1285 words) Published: February 22, 2012
The Effects of Prolonged Internet Usage on the Academic Results of Preteens and Teenagers

Date: 19th December 2011

Supervisor: Ms. Kumudini Sarathchandra

Student Details:
Dharshan Jayalath2010102
Shehara Gamage2010017
Lahiru Gunasekara2010094

Table of Contents

1. Background3
2. Problem Domain5
3. Research Question7
4. Conceptual Model9
5. Hypothesis10
6. Operationalisation of the Conceptual Model11
7. Methodology12
8. Works Cited13

1. Background

The Internet has become a mandatory tool for virtually all aspects of academic and recreational information gathering. Since its introduction to modern society the Internet has progressed to great heights with regards to technology and availability. Many schools and homes often consider Internet access the quintessential tool for the academic advancement of school going children and teenagers. Teenagers in particular have shown an innate attraction towards online information and media. Copious amounts of research studies and information is available for the debate on the effect of free flowing information on the psychological wellbeing of teenagers and children. However many studies have neglected or avoided the direct effect of online activity on academic growth and performance. The value of the online databases available through the Internet to students is irrefutable; this study aims to highlight the extent to which online activity can affect academic performance. It has been proven through numerous studies that teenagers between the ages 11-15 have a tendency to embrace online information and media more readily than any other age group. While many academic resources are available through the Internet, teenagers between the ages of 11-15 are known to invest considerable amounts of time on recreational activities. According to the studies conducted by the International Journal of Consumer Studies: Adolescents constitute one of the fastest growing Internet populations. They spend more time online than adults and surpass all other age groups in their use of chat, instant messaging and other new forms of electronic communication (BATAT, Wided, 2008). The following study will take into account several variables and measures to provide a comprehensive and plausible result to ensure the validity of the study. The study will take into account numerous variables such as duration, frequency and media quality viewed by the study subjects. 

2. Problem Domain

 Using widely accepted and conclusive studies conducted in the past it is possible to draw a conclusion that links teenage users and recreational online activity. Taking into account the average usage of a standard student within the age group of 11-15 it is possible to conclude that many students would have severe changes in their academic records due to the myriad of distractions the internet offers its patrons. The research problem includes a constraint that allows the researchers to analyze a particular segment of the online population. The constraint allows a group of students of similar psyche and environments to be analyzed therefore avoiding unnecessary variables from interfering with the results of the study. The research problem is stated below: The Impact of the Internet on the Academic Results of Children: Primary and Secondary Education The study includes age groups that are of similar growth and academic environments. Therefore many variables are overcome by using similar environments. Many of the age groups labeled within the research problem have access to the World Wide Web through their academic and home environments. The focus of the research problem is to isolate and analyze the effect of online activity on academic results therefore a core assumption of the study is that all students must be of similar intellectual levels. Hence each student will suffer similar penalties through excessive online activity. The usage of a large sample...
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