Evaluate the Extent to Which Teenagers Make Adequate or Inadequate Use of the Web?

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[ Evaluate the extent to which teenagers make adequate or inadequate use of the web?]| The teenagers of today are a main vocal point of many topics regarding the internet. It has been brought to attention how teenagers make use of the internet, and it has become a main point of discussion. A large amount of research has been carried out since the internet has started to develop, and it has been conducted about teenagers and the way in which they use the web. Starting from the late nighties to the present date, research has been conducted by several researchers which this review has been related to using a variety of relevant sources. This review examines the research that has been carried out into the adequate and inadequate ways in which teenagers use the world-wide web. It has been broken down into different factors: How adequate or inadequate is the use of web for educational purposes, the use of pornography and the use of social networking online. The uses of all these factors are different but the decisions teenagers decide to make is what is in question.


In this literature review, the writer will evaluate the extent to which teenagers make adequate or inadequate use of the web. In the past, teenagers and the adequate or inadequate use of the web was not an option due to an unknowing internet. Since the 21st century, the web has been useable for teenagers, meaning, their adult counterparts never experienced this when they were a teenager making this an unknowing topic to them and potentially dangerous towards their children.

The development and speed of the internet has had great impact on the teenagers of today. (Broughton, 2009). As the web has developed throughout the 1990’s – 2000’s it has created advantages in terms of education and social networking. As stated by Andrew Large, “The rapid exposures of the web to teenagers have allowed them to enrich their educational, leisure and social activities” (Large, 2006, p.347).

The internet plays a vital role in education as it has become part of the school system. A common factor with the web is that the parents of a large majority of teenagers believe that “their children need computers and especially the internet to do well in school” (Wang, Bianchi, Raley, 2005, p.1249). So, the importance of this is vital to the progression of a teenager’s development and knowledge and therefore the internet is required to most teenagers. The impact of this is the increase from children to teenagers using the internet, which has been researched and found “to be about an 80% growth” (Sorbring and Lundin, 2012, p.1182). This means that 8 out of 10 teenagers will be using the internet, therefore, throughout this review; the writer will evaluate the extent to which the internet will affect teenagers in a positive or negative way. Main Body

The writer will now, in the main body of this review, investigate different aspects to how the teenagers of today either use the internet in an adequate way or an inadequate way. Throughout, the writer will break the review into sections of different factors that will address the topic and draw a conclusion to the relevant research area. Education

The writer will firstly discuss the educational side of the web amongst teenagers. Hilton and Rainie have found out that “the use of internet in schools have grown 45% since 2000” (Hilton and Rainie, 2005, no page number). Teenager’s uses of the internet for educational purposes, it is suggested, are politically correct in today’s learning process. Some students are more knowledgeable than others but with the use of the internet, the teachers can change the level of learning with online features. (Grey, 1999). Learning can be condoned by two different methods, one being mentally and the other being physically but as a teenager is growing and developing the internet helps in the teenage learning process. Lee and Conroy state “The internet provides a...
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