Teens Spend Outrages Amount of Time Online

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Teens spend an outrages amount of time online
- By Emil Holt 09-02-2012
Teenagers in America spend more and more time on internet surfing and browsing. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are becoming more and more popular every second. Facebook is by far the biggest time consumer of all sites. In May 2011 Americans spent an astonishing 53 billion minutes on Facebook, which is more than 10 times as much as the runner-up site Blogger which was “only” viewed 72 million times in May 2011. Today 93% of all American teenagers are online, 75% own an iPod or another MP3 device. This really shows how dependent teenagers have become of their gadgets. 88% of the teenagers think that these devices help them in everyday life and 69% of parents agree. One of the parents who do not agree is Susan Maushart, she decided to digitally detox her children - and herself for a total of 6 months. Mother of 3 Susan Maushart decided to cut off all electronic devices and internet use for an entire 6 months as she thought her children were using too much time online, on their cellphones and on their iPods, she only saw their necks she said. Susan dropped the bomb on Christmas morning. The children were chocked and grumpy at first, but after the first month or so they were starting to enjoy it more and more. The children’s friends even thought it was cool, they would come over to Susan’s house to play games such as Scrabble or play music and sing. Susan kept a journal and published a book called “The winter of our disconnect”. Many adults were outraged by the experiment at first but now see how well it actually worked. Susan says that she actually bribed her children into the detox, she said that if she got the book published they would get a part of the money, but in the end it wasn’t needed as the kids enjoyed themselves and didn’t need all the electronics. Parents around the world are seeing this increasing amount of internet use negatively, many children are being addicted by...
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