The Effect of Social Media

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Social networking is a huge deal. Without social networking our modern day world, wouldn’t be so modern. The first social networking sites appeared in 1997, and since then we’ve started a “social revolution” bringing people together, reuniting families and changing how people meet. It is because of these reasons that social networking is a great thing.

Social networks connect people together and bring old friends together. One of the main points of social networks is to bring people or friends together , this is good. If a friend is lost in a move or other incident social networks allow you to re- establish Contact with them. People can meet new people that they wouldn’t have usually met. According to, friends on social networking sites have a positive impact on people’s behavior. These behaviors include increased quality of life and a reduction in the risk of health problems. In addition they help improve stroke recovery, memory retention, and overall well-being. This is important because all of the things listed are problems in our modern world. Another reason why connecting to people through social networks is good, is for self-esteem problems. Let’s say a child is being bullied at school, friends can offer support through groups or just plain messaging. When victims get help with bullies and problems they become less likely to face later symptoms such as depression. This could drastically reduce the amount of suicides in the U.S.
Users can share photos, videos and so much more with social networks. Users of social networking sites can share photos, videos, and news stories. Sharing content through social networking sites is much faster and less expensive. The average American could save up to 50 dollars a year sending photos and letters to family members vs. sending messages and photos through social networking sites. S.n. sites have an estimated 64,979,853 members (according to...
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